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It's time now to sleep, sweet dreams and goodnight.

When it’s time to tuck your child into bed, make it special. And say goodnight with the enchanting  and heartwarming children’s bedtime storybook SomeDay, SomeNight.  

It’s a magical tale about a special day when the sun proclaimed, “I’d like to stay!” Stay up, that is. But, with the help of his friends—the farmer, the birds, the rooster, the flowers, the wind and the moon and the stars, the sun quickly learns that he too, like all good little boys and girls must go to bed at night. Look inside.

SomeDay, SomeNight’s soothing rhymes, lush illustrations and themes of friendship, hope and love create the ideal environment for your child at bedtime. Read reviews.

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A children’s bedtime storybook.

SomeDay, SomeNight

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